Constance Williams
Studio & Art Salon

Painter  | Sculptor  |  Maker

PAINTING The unique and often-colorful patterning themes in Constance Williams paintings transcend, by linking a multitude of mediums she has worked in, which becomes a rhythmic dialog, endlessly re-imagined. She catalogs her work to document the circularity and evolutionary shifts of her signature curvilinear shapes. She finds this form of journaling to be a gold mine of ideas, which further develops a concept and narrative into a series, as she excavates from previous works, expanding and contracting elements and continually striving to originate with her mediums and substrates.

The fluidity of her current alcohol ink paint medium has echoes of her ten years use of encaustic paint medium, with rounded soft forms created with compressed air instead of a blowtorch flame, and rewarded her with additional unique patterning. Her palette evolved, and larger swathes of color with edited details emerged in unexpected ways. The details became about the edges of where colors merged and reacted from the timing of applied alcohol ink and interest became flatted compared the sculptural texture of her encaustic.

SCULPTURE I have reintroduce sculpture back into my 2017 schedule in different mediums. My vessels are porcelain rounded fluid forms that mimic my paintings. My hand-built abstract figurative forms are more angular; I am interested in referencing an emotion nuance rather than a realistic form.

Her work is commissioned for corporate locations such as hotels, restaurants, business lobbies and offices often through an art consultant, institutions such as Hospitals, private commissions, domestically and internationally and galleries.

My studio is closed to the public, except by appointment.